Mum's Night Out

Looking for ideas for a Mum’s Night Out? 

Who remembers that show on telly AGES ago when Gary Barlow was looking for boy band members for a new Take That musical? Well, it’s finally landed!

I’m sat here writing this piece, playing ‘Relight My Fire’ in my headphones after watching one of the most uplifting and entertaining musicals that has taken me back to all the happy memories of my childhood. 

Who grew up loving a boyband? Who learned all the words and the dance routines and dreamed of marrying their favourite?

The Band is about a group of 5 teenage girls who grew up loving a boyband (Take That), their music getting them through the ups and downs of their adolescence in 1993.

25 year’s on and the friends reunite after going their separate ways and reminisce over their shared love of their boy band music.

It is a story that is full of love, heartache and determination. I laughed - a lot! But I also cried. I cried at the sad bits that completely caught me off guard and then when the ‘boyband’ sang my favourite Take That songs, I cried; just like I did when I saw Take That in concert many years ago.

Ok, so if anyone cares for actual maths in this, I wasn’t old enough to see them in concert originally (I was 6 in 1993) but who DOESN’T remember Take That growing up? I remember Howard singing 'Never Forget' on Top of the Pops, I remember Robbie leaving, I remember asking my parents to play 'Back for Good' on repeat in the car for a VERY long time. I remember making mix tapes recording off the radio! (It’s a travesty our children will have no idea what that will be like and what a skill that was!) To put it simply, Take That were the definition of ‘boyband’ and paved the way for many more to follow. 

(Ok music in my headphones has now changed to ‘Pray’. If I wasn’t typing, I would be doing the actions.) 

My point is, Take That’s music, both old school and new school is actually timeless and the storyline of The Band brought back so many wonderful memories for me growing up, I walked out of the theatre with my fellow mum friend (who is an original Mancunian Take That fan) not wanting to leave. 

I have 3 words for all you mums out there who deserve a night out. ‘Go. See. It.’
Wherever you may be in the UK - Grab your mummy mates with both hands, let your hair down and get completely lost in all your contented childhood memories again. The entire theatre was on their feet singing and dancing by the end. I would happily go and see it again in a heartbeat!

The Band will be touring the UK until 16th March 2019! Go get your tickets here

Thank you Take That for reigniting your music again to bring us ‘boyband fans’ happiness...all over again!

Until next time

Charlotte x

NB: Gifted tickets in return for my honest opinion and review