Ok, so the summer holidays are fast approaching and I think whether you are a mum of young baby, toddler or school age child, there is that little bit of worry of what is to come over the next 6 weeks.

As a mum of a child who is only 2, I cannot speak from the experiences of a mum with a child in school yet but I’m still harbouring a bit of anxiety in anticipation of the school holidays.

There is the fear that everywhere is going to be a lot busier than usual. Selfishly, I’ve quite liked going to soft play with only a handful of children in it and have quite gotten used to it. However, I know very soon, things are going to be a bit different.

Whilst I don’t have a child in school, I can empathise with the fact that for the next 6 weeks we will be completely out of routine. The baby and toddler classes that I go to stop for the summer and other mums with older children who we usually meet up with go away on holiday. This means I’m in the same boat for finding things to do that equally aren’t too expensive for the summer period. Add into the mix running a business and the whole prospect of fitting everything in can feel quite daunting.

We do have a few exciting plans lined up which includes a break to Devon to see family and Little Man is also going to stay with his grandparents in Brighton for the weekend while me and the hubby go to a friend’s wedding. I’ve also found a Kids Pass where we can get discounts on some days out too.

I’ve also combined a play date with one of Little Man’s friends and booked tickets for us all to see Bing Live. My son doesn’t know we’re going yet but I know he’ll be so excited. I should say, we have spent most of the weekend sticking Bing stickers to his teddies because they had been ‘very good teddies’.  Which leads me on to say that we will probably do our fair share of craft activities when the weather begins to change. 

Unfortunately, a holiday abroad for us at this time is a big fat no as we just can’t justify the cost. All the while Little Man isn’t at school, we’ll try and venture abroad during term time. I know it won’t be long until this all changes, I’m certainly not counting down the time until he goes to school anytime soon.

Fingers crossed for well behaved children for 6 weekis!....Well, we can dream can’t we?
Until next time
Charlotte x