Teletubbies Live Review

Calling all 90's kids out there that now have children of their own. Teletubbies has been back on our television screens for a little while now and now it’s recently launched it's first UK theatre show.

With just 2 weeks left of the summer holidays. So many mums that I have spoken to are climbing the walls trying to find new and affordable ways of occupying their children. If you are a mum of a toddler and in the same boat, I would definitely recommend Teletubbies Live.

We headed back to The Orchard Theatre in Dartford and were in for a treat. Not only did we see a fantastic show but there was also free soft play and coffee! Amazing!

The show was split into two halves which was perfect because we’re potty training at the moment! (That’s a whole new blog post I’ll share soon) but total running time was 1 hour 20 minutes. 

I didn’t quite realise how big the Teletubbies would actually be on stage. They towered over the narrator and lead performer in the show, Sam and I did pick up on a few children crying or complaining they were frightened. Luckily my little boy loves mascots and characters and was more than happy to get involved with the singing and dancing. There was also an 18 month old little boy sitting in front of us who was glued to his seat and clapped the whole way through.

The show was brightly coloured and was every bit like the television show. What I found really clever was that there was a large screen at the back of the stage that the characters interacted with and offered something else for the little ones to engage with and look at. There was also a scene where the Teletubbies teach the children sign language which was very welcomed. 

The show is advertised as suitable for under 4s but I would say under 3 would probably be a better fit or if your child has never been to the theatre before, this show offers the perfect introduction.

Teletubbies Live is touring the UK at the moment and finishes in October 2018. For further information and booking tickets, visit their website:-

Until next time 

Charlotte x